The history of  Vanderkamp Pompen:

Logo 1 Stins 1991
Founding of Stins rental as a rental company in construction machinery and equipment.
Logo 2 van der Kamp 1994
Name change in Van der Kamp Rental means a new course in which the specialization of pumps rental is used and the rental of construction machinery is slowly reduced.
Logo 3 Nijhuis van der Kamp 2000
Sale of rental activities to Nijhuis Pompen. During this period, the market segment of large and special pumps and pumping plants will be transferred. An area in which Nijhuis Pompen has built a name for the sale of pumps for years. Nijhuis Van der Kamp Rentals operates during this period as an extension of Nijhuis's service activities.
Logo 4 Vanderkamp 2005
Nijhuis pumps gets a new owner and becomes part of Norit.
In this case, the lease branch is discharged and continues as Vanderkamp Pompen
Logo 5 Vanderkamp 2013
Vanderkamp Pumps gets new logo.

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