With regard to industrial water, we are dealing with process water most of the time (90%), which usually involves great capacities and high pressures.

Also for this application we have a whole range of pumps going up to 8000 m3/hour with pressures up to 12 bar per pump in both diesel and electric. By placing the pumps in series or parallel, the pressure or capacity can be doubled. In addition, we own a whole range of Fire Fighting sets with varying capacities and pressures.

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19 December 2022

We wish you happy holidays!

Our team is on holiday from Monday December 26th to Monday January 2nd. We are happy to assist you again on Tuesday January 3rd.

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15 August 2022

A great project we recently did in the UK at Thames Water Coppermills Treatment Works on behalf of Barhale Ltd.

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17 June 2022

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