For pumping surface water, sweet or salt, we have an arsenal of diesel or electric pumps and accessories available.

With this equipment we are able to take over the total functioning of a pumping station. This is not only limited to the pumps themselves, but also includes the operation of the pumps and the 24-hour surveillance by means of telemetry (wireless). When pumping surface water, we generally use electric pumps which are controlled by variable-frequency drives. In these cases, both mains electricity and aggregates can be used.

Diesel pumps
For the more straightforward work, we have various diesel pumps available. The diesel pumps are dry self-suction pumps or make use of vacuum systems. These pumps are available in the range of 100 to 8000 m3/hour per pump.

Electric pumps
The electric pumps can be both wet and dry mounted pumps. This means that they are either mounted on dry land or that they are submerged in water. We have a broad range of these pumps, with the largest kind of submersible pump having a capacity of 10,000 m3/hour. The electric pumps are controlled by frequency controllers and can be connected to the mains or to aggregates. The use of frequency controllers reduces power consumption to a minimum.

Siphon systems are applied in very diverse locations for transporting large quantities of water. The system is used for redirection or level regulation in places where there is a natural or artificial slope. Only small level differences are necessary for transport through siphoning to be possible. Advantages of these kinds of systems are low energy and operating costs. The only disadvantage is that the pipeline must have a large diameter, especially when bridging large distances.

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