A Flygt 3501 is suspended from an excavator from a pontoon in the Wadden Sea, used to spray a pipe.

In Fareham, near Southampton (UK) we are carrying out this great and interesting project.

Short film about hoisting, loading and transporting pipework.

2017 10 Val de Saône 1

Today, some of the booster pump sets are on transport to France.




A part of the project 'The Ocean Cleanup' is being tested on our site. Two Flygt C3800 pumps provide the required water flow.

2017 07 10 Oss sm Oss main sewer (2nd phase), capacity 10.000 m3/hour

After 20 years of operation, it is time for maintenance of the pumps in Willem Alexander in the Schemer pumpstation.

On July 10, 2017 this renewed Vanderkamp Pompen website went online. Depending on the chosen angle, you can zoom in:

Military transport of our 450 kW submersible pump for the Genie Technical Relation Day on 21 June at 105 Geniecompagnie Waterbouw - Engelense Gat in Hedel.

2017 01 31 Rotterdam GR 5

In the meantime, it already had become very common picture in the district Kralingen, in the city of Rotterdam, but this week we started to dismantle our temporary pump installation, which has been successfully in operation for over 6 months, and has pumped the wastewater (up to 2.000 m3/hr) in the district.