Moving up to the next level
And that goes fast

"After a short but efficient design process we are in the starting blocks to start today, Tuesday 28 April, with the installation of two pump installations.

With the installation of 356 solar panels on the roof of our new workshop at the beginning of April, we were able to make another important step in making our facility in Zwolle energy-neutral.

For the extension of Bundesstrasse 8, an underground pressure pipe has to be adapted at the Dinslakener Landesstrasse and the adjacent railway line.

In December, commissioned by the municipality of Deventer, we installed a temporary pump in the sewage pumping station on the Roessinkspad.

Anglian Water has pushed engineering boundaries by diverting all of Norwich's sewage for a £4 million sewer rehabilitation scheme in Whitlingham.

Anglian Water Service: "We’re breaking engineering boundaries with our £4million sewer upgrade in Norwich."

A Flygt 3501 is suspended from an excavator from a pontoon in the Wadden Sea, used to spray a pipe.

In Fareham, near Southampton (UK) we are carrying out this great and interesting project.

Short film about hoisting, loading and transporting pipework.

Today, some of the booster pump sets are on transport to France.