Vanderkamp Pompen – An innvative, flexible company, with creative and motivated people offering high-quality solutions for temporary projects.

Recent projects 
Potters Way, Whitlingham Sewer Rehabilitation.

Comment from Abigail Stevens
(Project Delivery Manager, Eastern Region)

“When we work with Vanderkamp, they feel like part of the Barhale team. We can always be confident in their efficiency, expertise and collaboration. They are always looking to improve and innovate, and accept any challenge they are faced with.”

Comment from Ron Bryant 
(Managing Director, UK, VanderKamp)

“The Barhale team were as always very professional in all areas and being a part of the team on the Potters Way project was a pleasure.


Hoard-it – As part of the Billington Holdings Group, Hoard-it have a unique understanding of construction site safety, product quality and the importance of structural engineering. Hoard-it is an on-ground, reusable and eco-friendly site hoarding system with exceptional sustainability credentials.

Recent projects
Greenford Road and Chalfont to Amersham

Comment from John Prendergast
(Regional Manager, Southern Region)

“Hoard-it first erected hoarding for us at Greenford Road in West London on our Affinity Water HS2 framework. It is an environmental hoarding solution and was erected very quickly and safely. It is a lot quicker solution to erect than the traditional timber hoarding. It is also very easy to direct print logos on the hoarding. At Greenford we printed out a poster competition that helped us get a great score on the Considerate Constructors Scheme assessment. We subsequently went on to reuse the system at Chalfont to Amersham pipline and on the Cockfosters project, so recycled as such. On the latter 2 projects the hoarding was on a hill and Hoard-it found a way of making it work. At Cockfosters the project has carbon neutral ambitions and this system helps in that regard too. I highly recommend this product.”

Comment from Jordan Beevers
(Sales Manager, Hoard-it)

“Barhale’s site team were more than helpful when it came to off-loading and distributing the hoarding system. Communication was consistent and problem solving was carried out quickly and efficiently. With this level of support and guidance we managed to complete on time and leave the site secure.”
Potters way

Potters Way sewer rehabilitation

Innovative project to rehabilitate sewers in live flow conditions wins Anglian Water award.

Our Eastern team is celebrating double success following the successful introduction of new methods to complete a key sewer rehabilitation in Cambridgeshire and, with partners in the @one Alliance team, winning a “Highly Commended” in the Innovation category of Anglian Water’s Supplier Awards.

As a partner in the @one Alliance (the collaboration set up to deliver Anglian Water’s Capital investment programme), Barhale was appointed principal contractor to carry out the work at Potters Way, Peterborough. It was necessary tot address significant corrosion of the original concrete pipes caused by Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) release from the sewage flows. Investigations to the pipework had revealed that 430 metres of up to 1500mm diameter concrete pipe needed to be renewed urgently.

Potters way 2

Working alongside partners within the @one Alliance, the design team (led by Lee Forth – Technical Manager, Sweco and Alex Ding, Design Engineer, Eastern Region) was able to come up with a solution which allowed the section of pipe with the largest diameter to be refurbished by slip lining GRP pipe sections into the host pipe in live sewage flow conditions.

The live flow installation was a first for the @one Alliance and was successfully undertaken by the Barhale site team. It removed the need to overpump flows – which could vary from 900 l/s tot 4000 l/s in storm conditions – reducing project costs and the level of disruption to residents and road users.

The pioneering approach was noted by the judges of Anglian Water’s Supplier Awards who commented, “This is a lovely example of a team using innovative approaches tot maintain and utilise existing assets on a larger scale than previously attempted. This submission demonstrated doing the basics brilliantly as well as putting our customers at the heart of what we do.”

The Barhale site team (led by Colin Handley, Construction Manager, Skanska and managed by Brian Charlton, Site manager, Bob Bryant, General Foreman and Will Pearce, Site Manager) was also credited with an exceptional customer satisfaction score, when customers’ perception of the site team was surveyed.

Abigail Stevens (Project Manager, Eastern Region) praised the innovation and collaboration shown by the team in enabling the alliance to deliver another successful project on behalf of Anglian Water.

“As a team we are really proud of the work we have done here,” she said. “There has been a real team effort not only to deliver these crucial works but also to find ways tot do so that brought down costs and minimised disruption.

“The successful completion of these works will strengthen the resilience of the sewer here at Potters Way and ensure that it is fit for purpose for many more years to come.”

 Potters way 3

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