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Opbouw van de tijdelijke fire fighting installatie in de haven van Sokhna Egypte door Vanderkamp Pompen.

Due to the arrival of a Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) to the port of Sokhna, by the Gulf of Suez (Egypt), Nijhuis Pompen got the assignment to provide a double firefighting installation. A FSRU is a special type of ship which is used for transferring Liquefied Natural Gas.

However, the FSRU arrived a half year before the new firefighting system could be delivered. In order to bridge the delivery time of the newly built pumping system, Vanderkamp Pompen provided a temporary firefighting installation, which had to be operational in a few weeks.
- Rick van der Kamp

Tested in the Netherlands

To ensure that all the necessary components were present, the entire installation was put together in our workshop, before we disassembled it again for transport. This allowed the temporary firefighting installation to be deliverd even before the FSRU moored in the port of Sokhna.

Bluswaterpomp op transport naar Egypte.
Installation on transport


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