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Replace windboilers sewage pumping stations South Friesland

Jansma is commissioned by Wetterskip Fryslân to carry out a unique project for the replacement of the wind boilers at about 30 sewage pumping stations in South Friesland. The first sewage pumping station was in Balk and the execution of this has now been completed. The sewer pipe is shut off during the replacement. We have built a by-pass and thus managed the passage of the sewer water.

Wind boilers at sewage pumping stations
Sewage pumping stations are needed to get the waste water from homes and businesses to the final destination; the sewage treatment plants. The sewage pumping stations are actually pumps for the waste water. This pump can go out due to a fault, the flow of the waste water then comes to a standstill. This changes the pressure in the sewer pipe, because of which pressure the pipe can break. To prevent this, wind boilers were installed at the sewage pumping stations in the 1950s. These boilers absorb the pressure that occurs in the pipe.

There is only one disadvantage to these wind boilers, these are difficult to maintain because they are under the ground. The boilers have now also been replaced.

Frequency converters instead of wind boilers
Wetterskip Fryslân replaces all 54 wind boilers in Friesland with frequency converters. These are small boxes that take over the work of the wind boilers. These inverters let the pumps go out slowly, so that the pressure in the pipe gradually disappears. The frequency converters are placed in the existing control cabinet of the sewage pumping station. Jansma Drachten only replaces the wind boilers in South Friesland.

(Text with permission from Jansma).

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