Doornenburg 2018

Hijhuis HMF1 70-80

Betuwe receives water via the Linge. In Doornenburg the Water Office Rivierenland normally pumps water from the Pannerdensch canal, in the Linen. Commissioned by the Rivierenland Water Board, we installed an additional pump at the Pannerling Floating Pump Station near Doornenburg. This is necessary because the pumping station can not pump enough water because of the low water level. Previously, the floating pumping station had already advanced into the river, see the message in the Gelderlander.

On the website of the Rivierenland Water Board:

"Despite the expected change in the cooler and more changing temperature in the Netherlands, the effects of the drought will continue for a while.The Water Board distributes water as well as possible in the river region We also keep a close eye on the docks and water quality in the area, and if necessary we take action. 

Pump replacement Pannerling:
We have placed replacement drainage in several places. This is necessary because the existing drainage due to the low water level of the river can no longer pump enough water. Replacement pumps are placed at Pannerling in Doornenburg and Papendrecht. "

Text and aerial photo imported with the permission of the Water Board of Rivierenland.

We were previously at this location: Doornenburg 2017.

Type of project
Surface water
Waterschap Rivierenland
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