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Pompen in bedrijf in IJmuiden bij het grootste tijdelijke pompinstallatie ter wereld van Vanderkamp Pompen.

In the summer of 2020, our 30-year experience in providing engineered design solutions culminated in Vanderkamp building the largest temporary pump installation in Europe at IJmuiden, Netherlands. Due to a failure of one of the six mega powerful pumps at the IJmuiden pumping station, no fewer than 34 pumps were quickly made ready by Vanderkamp to prevent flooding amoung the residents of the northwest of the Neterhlands in the event of heavy rainfall.

Fase A

3 x propeller pump PL7121 with a capacity of 4 m3/s each

2 x propeller pump Amacan 1200-870 with a capacity of 3 m3/s each

1 x HMF1-70.80 diesel with a capacity of 2 m3/s

Foto van fase A in IJmuiden aangelegd door Vanderkamp Pompen.

Fase B

7 x C3800 with a capacity of 2.2 m3/s each

7 x HMF1-70.80 with a capacity of 1.9 m2/s each

2 x C3501 with a capacity of 1.5 m3/s each

Foto genomen tijdens de aanleg van Fase B in IJmuiden. Waar Vanderkamp de grootste tijdelijke pompinstallatie ter wereld bouwde.


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