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Installation at Norwich Whitlingham of Vanderkamp UK.

Anglian Water has pushed technical boundaries by diverting all Norwich wastewater. This wastewater diversion is part of a £ 4 million modernization project in Whitlingham.

In order to upgrade Norwich's main sewer pipe, the utility company directs 190 million liters of wastewater per day through a huge overland pipe to nearby water treatment. Thanks to this impressive technical solution, residents can continue to use their toilets and washing machines. Traditional methods usually lead to some kind of disturbance from tankers or roadworks, but by using pipeline diversion over land, no one is hit and everything just goes on.

Vanderkamp UK pump solutions Hydrainer combination.

In addition, the pipe bridge ensures that the local road can remain open for the entire duration of the regulation and will see only minimal disturbance the day it is removed. The work was completed in July 2019.

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Ron Bryant Managing Director UK
Ron Bryant director of Vanderkamp UK at the office of Vanderkamp Group in Zwolle.


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