Pumping station Dijkmanshuizen on the island Texel

Phase 2, Pumps and pipeline.

For Friso Civiel, which was part of the Civil Combination Tessel (CCT), we installed a temporary pumping station (TPI) at the Dijkmanshuizen pumping station. Drainage from the pumping station is completely blocked during replacement. However, the drainage of the polder at the front must remain guaranteed at all times, we realized this by means of a temporary pumping installation (TPI).

The configuration was carried out by two equal but separate systems, each with its own pump, control and piping. Twice, a road has been crossed and the pipe also crosses the dike. The length of the pipe is about 120 meters each, the diameter was 800 mm. The flow rate is 2 x 4500 m3 / hour. The pumps were placed submerged in the waterway for the pumping station, the water is discharged into the Wadden Sea.

This is the result of: Pumping station Dijkmanshuizen on the island Texel.

Type of project
Surface water
Building infrastructure
Friso Civiel
Oudeschild, Texel
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