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Talbot Road project with exsel pumps and Vanderkamp UK.

In Fareham, near Southampton (UK), we are carrying out this big and interesting project together with our local partner Exsel Pumps Limited.

Talbot Road project Vanderkamp UK.
Working together with Exsel in the UK.

The pumping plant consists of two Nijhuis sewage pumps, 600 m steel pipeline ø800 mm, and 3 road crossings. The nominal capacity of the pumping plant is 4.150 m3/hour and the installation is powered by generators. The pumps are installed as an automatic booster station and are fed by a pump station three kilometers away.

Whats special?

The pumps are installed as a temporary bypass to renew the existing sewage system. The installation is designed to work only when it's raining, thus saving a large amount of fuel costs for our customer.


Would you like to know more?

Ron Bryant Managing Director UK
Ron Bryant director of Vanderkamp UK at the office of Vanderkamp Group in Zwolle.


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