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Thames Water Coppermills Treatmen Works, Walthamstow. Vanderkamp for Barhale Ltd.

Two 1.5m diameter outflow tunnels, each being 240m in length, required inspection and clearing of approximately 300 tonnes of silt.

For Barhale to perform the tunnel cleaning, Vanderkamp provided an over-pumping solution to isolate the tunnels and provide a temporary diversion of the treatment works outflows.

Vanderkamp Solution

  • Efficient power management, so pumps only run at the required rate to manage real-time flow requiremens, which results in reduced fuel usage.

  • 24/7 remote performance monitoring ensuring the temporary pumping solution is continually maintained through the duration of the project.

Vanderkamp maintained a continuous over-pumping solution throughout the duration of the programm, which enabled Barhale to successfully clear the estimated 300 tonnes of silt from the outflow tunnels.

Read the full article in Water Industry Journal on page 40.

Thames Water Coppermills Treatment Works, Walthamstow. Vanderkamp UK.
Installation of the pumps.

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Ron Bryant Managing Director UK
Ron Bryant director of Vanderkamp UK at the office of Vanderkamp Group in Zwolle.


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