Weir Linne

Pumping leaking water

On 10 February 2020, two empty barges were hit by storm and driven against the weir at Linne. The collision damaged at least four yokes (parts of the weir).

In the meantime, a dam has been built upstream by Mourik in cooperation with Paans Van Oord. This dam was initially built in order to have a driving effect and tot be able to keep the level in the Meuse upstream of the weir sufficiently high. Efforts are now being made to make the dam as watertight as possible so that the renovation of the damaged weir can be carried out in the dry. To this end, a second downstream dam will also be realised, creating a construction pit.

VanderKamp has been asked to think about the possibilities of pumping away the leakage and rainwater that comes into the dams, so that the work can be carried out dry and safe.

See also news item about this project.

Type of project
Surface water
Mourik Infra B.V.
Heel (L)

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