Our pipelines are often delivered in combination with a pumping installation. However, tubes can also be rented separately. See, for example, Gemaal Dijkmanshuizen op Texel and Driehuizen, gemaal Willem Alexander. Vanderkamp has kilometers of pipes and all conceivable fittings and appendages, in diameters ranging from 100 to 1000 mm.

Due to a wide variety of types and sizes, much is possible. Bridging roads or water, for example, does not pose a problem.

2017 Leidingwerk

2017 Leidingwerk binnen

Impressions of pipework and appendages on our site, inside and outside.

Recent news

Project in de UK: Thames Water Coppermills Treatment Works

17 June 2022

Read about the background, the challenges, the Vanderkamp solution and the outcome of this project.

Editorial Water Industry Journal: To the next level

14 December 2021

"Vanderkamp pumps are building a solid reputation in the UK - not only for their tailor-made pump and pipework supplies, but also for their quality cutting-edge engineering designs."