You can also contact us for D&C projects.

Many projects are carried out as described by the contractor. In recent years, the number of projects according to the Design and Construct (D&C) principle has increased. At D&C projects, the contractor is responsible for the design of infrastructure and the implementation of its construction, and therefore greatly benefits from expert partners. Often only through close collaboration, you can achieve the best possible solution. In an increasing number of projects we have acted as such a partner and assisted with designing and realizing various installations. See the projects below for recent examples.

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Recent news

Christmas and New Year greetings

19 December 2022

We wish you happy holidays!

Our team is on holiday from Monday December 26th to Monday January 2nd. We are happy to assist you again on Tuesday January 3rd.

Pumps installed to clear tunnels

15 August 2022

A great project we recently did in the UK at Thames Water Coppermills Treatment Works on behalf of Barhale Ltd.

Project in de UK: Thames Water Coppermills Treatment Works

17 June 2022

Read about the background, the challenges, the Vanderkamp solution and the outcome of this project.