We rent complete temporary pump installations or single components.

For many years now we are a partner for projects with temporary pumping installations. Due to our extensive experience, we know exactly which pump is suitable for your situation. Our fleet consists of a large variety of pumps and accessories such as pipes, appendages, fully automatic controls, frequency controllers, telemetry units, aggregates and transformers. This allows us to rent single pumps, as well as complete pumping installations, siphon systems and firefighting installations. By continuously investing in research and development, we can respond to specific questions from our customers, in every field of activity. In addition, we continuously fill our fleet with pumps and accessories according to the latest technology.

Vanderkamp Pompen offers total solutions and provides guidance for the entire process. This includes for example the following activities:

  • Inventory of project requirements
  • Complete engineering
  • Construction and dismantling of the installation, including appendages and pipework
  • Providing own power supply (aggregate)
  • Remote monitoring by telemetry (24 hour service)
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance

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17 June 2022

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