Anglian Water Service: "We’re breaking engineering boundaries with our £4million sewer upgrade in Norwich."

We’ve diverted 190 million litres of sewage a day via a huge overland pipe to repair the old Victorian brick sewer that leads into our water recycling centre. Traditional methods would have caused disruptive roadworks and required the use of tankers, but by diverting the flow instead we can complete the work without any impact on local residents. A few weeks ago we caught up with Alex and Lee on site so they could tell us about the first stages of the project. It won’t be long until this work is completed and all of Norwich’s sewage will flow throw a brand new pipe before being treated at Whitlingham Water Recycling Centre. We’re committed to ensuring our network is ready and resilient for the future and we’re always seeking out new ways of working more efficiently for our customers.

Project: Norwich Whitlingham

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2019 Norwich

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