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Swaleclifffe project of Vanderkamp UK.
Delighted to support United Utilities and Advance-plus here with our little over-pumping operation (just the 34 pumps with flows of 13,000 litres per second!)
- Steve Saggers

Karlin Williams and Callum Smart wrote an article about the entire project for WaterProjectsOnline where Vanderkamp installed an overpump installation.

A £36.6m project to enhance discharges into the River Eden and protect shellfish in the Solway Firth.

Carlisle WwTW is located on the banks of the River Eden to the north-west of Carlisle’s city centre. The treatment works receives domestic sewage, trade flows, and tankered imports, providing primary and secondary treatment prior to discharge to the River Eden. Over the next decade it is predicted that Carlisle will have a domestic population of 108,475 and a tourist population of 4,285 and the new works is needed to deliver the Environment Agency Water Industry National Environmental Programme (WINEP) outputs for a shellfish water quality driver and designed based on a 2035 design horizon. The latest WINEP dataset was issued for Carlisle this means the works must:

(i) limit the number of spills of stormwater to a maximum of 10 per year or provide an equivalent form of treatment in the form of validated dose UV treatment for settled stormwater, and (ii) provide event duration monitoring on all overflows to storm storage and stormwater treatment facilities. Additional requirements of the project scope, not directly linked with the WINEP programme are to increase the screening capacity for stormwater, to increase the standby capacity at the inlet works to bolster resilience and secure compliance in passing forward permitted flows, and the additional treatment of the secondary treated sewage effluent.

Carlisle WwTW

Case Study Carlisle WwTW Vanderkamp UK we support United Utilities and Advance-plus with our pumps.

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Ron Bryant Managing Director UK
Ron Bryant director of Vanderkamp UK at the office of Vanderkamp Group in Zwolle.


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